Short Films

Losing It

OFFICIAL SELECTION for London Short Film Festival 2013

Kelly is in her late teens, her boyfriend of four months, Dan, is a few years older. They are excited because they know this day is going to be decisive in their relationship – a day they will remember for many years to come. The young lovers borrow a flat so they can spend some time together, just the two of them. Both know love sometimes hurts, quite literally – but what happens when things turn out completely different to what everyone was hoping?

Directed by: Kristof Deak

Role: Co Producer, Line Producer, Production Manager

Company: Coalition Pictures London


Teaser trailer for 30 minute comedy EXTREME

“Sexual addiction counselling with a difference”

Directed by: Gavin Toomey

Role: Assistant Producer

Company: Brick & Pin Films

Fluffy- The Dragon Slayer

When a young boy’s imaginative illustrations come to life, he goes to face a deadly enemy, however there are certain forces that thwart his play…

Directed by: Annamaria Berentz


Eve and Connor are nothing but puppets, whose life is evilly controlled by a cinematic God, the Sculptor. Will Eve and Connor manage to find out their cruel destiny, before their life is put to an end by the Muse of the Cinema?

Written & Directed by Pierfrancesco Artini

Role: Assistant Director

The Boss


Director: Kristof Deak

Role: Production Assistant


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