CASTING (2012)

David Ellis, an aspiring director, is struggling to make a film under pressure. Awarded a prestigious grant six months previously, he’s failed to shoot asingle scene or even assemble a cast and is in dangerof losing the grant money unless he can put together ahigh quality short film in next to no time.

Cutting corners, and with no budget to hire a casting director, he casts his girlfriend, Jess, in a major role, only to fall for the beautiful Annie Swan and give the part to her. David also blunders into hiring Joel, a gifted but cocky actor over his housemate Nick, who is still waiting for the chance to prove his ability.

Burning through his budget and with his deadline looming, matters are further complicated when he unknowingly casts Jess’s ex-boyfriend Mish, a hotly-tipped prospect, as the leading man. But when Jess and Mish meet on set they quickly realise they have unfinished business and that working together won’t be straight forward.

As David’s producer Evelyn fights to keep the film on track and the cast of desperate unknown actors fight it out behind the scenes for roles, things start to unravel fast.

When David confesses to Jess that he has shared a kiss with Annie, she runs back to Mish, who clearly still harbours feelings for her. The next morning, however, Jess returns to David, causing Mish to quit his role as leading man and giving Nick the break he has been looking for.


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